All About
Blue Dot

Made Where Water and Land Meet

Our products rely on water. That’s why we do everything we can to protect this resource.

We started in a garage in North Vancouver, where the ocean meets the mountains. All around us are streams that salmon use as spawning grounds. Water is integral to life, and where we live and work it’s impossible to miss that connection.

Modern life is hard on our waterways and oceans. Every year the United States dumps more than 200 million pounds of toxic chemicals into waterways. 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year.

That’s why we decided to make cleaners that have no added chemicals or extracts. We will take back and refill your used bottles. We reduce plastic when possible, and use high quality recyclable plastics when necessary.


We’re A Family Business

When we had our son I realized the best thing I could give him (other than my time and a Hot Wheels Car Wash) is a better planet.

Turns out my much-smarter-brother figured out how – by engineering a process that turns water into a powerful cleaner.

Our products cut through grease, grime, hard-water stains, and rust. They’re great on pots and pans, BBQs and bathroom sinks. They have no added chemicals, no scents, and they dilute with tap water. We’ve even lab-tested on bacteria and they performed great.

We think we have the best cleaning product on earth. And the best one for earth. I hope you’ll try it.

Neil McBean