Spray. Wait. Wipe.

One ingredient, plenty of cleaning power.

A great product! No scent. Cleaned a grease spot under our BBQ – nothing else could get it out, but I used the 1/4 mix, sprayed, and after 10 minutes I wiped it away.

Klara Johnson

Making surface cleaner

You can make Glass and Surface cleaner with 1 part Concentrate, and 14 parts water. For example:

  • 35mL of Concentrate &
  • 465mL of pure water

This mixture will create 500mL of surface cleaner.

Antibacterial Cleaner

A cleaner that has been lab-tested for antibacterial efficacy needs 1 part Concentrate to 4 parts water. For example:

  • 100mL of Concentrate
  • 400mL of pure water

This mixture will provide 500mL of antibacterial cleaner.

Drain Cleaner

Blue Dot Concentrate can be an effective drain cleaner similar to chemical-based products without the damage to pipes. And for about the same price. Simply pour full strength Blue Dot Concentrate down a clogged drain, and allow 20 minutes to work. More for tough clogs.

pet and food stains

Try first with a Surface Cleaner mix. Spray on and allow it to work for around 5-10 minutes.

After 10 minutes you should notice the stain is lifting. Gently dab/rub out with a cloth, and wash in a washer as usual. Note that blue dot can remove some dyes from fabrics, so test on a small area first!

Cooked on food

Clean cooked on food by spraying on a Surface Cleaner and leaving for 10 minutes. If you need something stronger try a 1/4 mix of Concentrate to Water.

You should see the food dissolving and separating from the surface, and can then rinse it out.

Grease Spots

Blue Dot can be great for cleaning grease spots off of decks, counters, and patios. Spray the 1/4 mix directly on the spot and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wipe away with a damp cloth or rinse it off.

auto detailing

Make a 1/14 Surface Cleaner mix and use it to clean any exterior surfaces on your car. It’s particularly good for cleaning rims.

Stainless Steel

The Glass and Surface mix is a great stainless steel cleaner. Use it with a good cloth and you should get a streak-free clean surface.


Our Glass and Surface mix is great for glass, too (it’s right there in the name!). Just spray on and wipe away with a good cloth for scent-free clean.

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