This week has a lot of challenges – change has come quickly, and now families across the world are sequestered in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are a lot of people that need to be out – from people in healthcare, to delivery drivers, to staff at the grocer – and they are that backbone of society. For the rest of us, we’re sheltered at home. 

We have a small family, and being at home means balancing work and our wellbeing. Not just our physical health, but also mental and emotional. Being together helps. One thing we’ve started more is cooking as a family, which our 5 year old is just old enough to do.

If you’re stuck inside, and as I write this we all are, there isn’t anything better than fresh bread. Not only is it tasty and comforting, but bread making is a great activity that everyone can do. 

That said, if you haven’t been to the grocery store lately I can save you a trip. There isn’t a lot of yeast out there. 

Thankfully my ancestors came up a yeastless people. Despite that they still made bread – soda bread. Soda bread is fluffy, rustic, and crusty. It’s great with butter or jam, and can be augmented with herbs, cheese, or nuts. It’s kind of like a giant, crusty scone.

Best of all it’s easy. So easy a 5 year old can (help) make it.

This bread comes together very quickly, so even after things get back to normal it can make a weeknight dinner into something special without too much effort. Any baking or all-purpose flour will do – we’re fans of Anita’s Organic Mill, and whole milk from The Farm House, both great local Fraser Valley companies that produce some of the best products around.