our values

As a company we are all about water. It’s the source of our great cleaning products, and it’s our most valuable resource. Preserving and expanding access to clean water is our central mission, and is key to all of our decisions, from our sales strategy to our distribution to our packaging.

our four pillars

These days a lot of companies make promises to be better to society and the world, but not all do. From the very start we want to be a company that does some good.

reduce waste

Our goal is to be a totally waste-free company by 2025, running on renewable energy with as small a carbon footprint as possible. Being zero waste means never having single-use plastics, engaging in re-use of existing containers, and working with responsible distributors and suppliers.

cleaner water for everyone

Our products are environmentally neutral, and safe on our water systems. In addition we support organizations like WaterFirst and WaterAid that increase access to safe drinking water and encourage stewardship of our waterways.

safe for the earth, safe for your family

All of our products are free of chemicals and scents. They are made from pure water using a well-researched and tested ionization process. We commit to products that:

  • Are chemical-free
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Scent-free
  • Effective
  • Kid and pet safe
    stay local, think global

    We operate in the communities where our products are sold. That reduces travel time, production footprint, and storage needs. We encourage annual subscriptions to reduce delivery numbers, and we connect directly with distributors and retailers that share our values.

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