One Cleaner. Many jobs.

We make (probably) the world’s most effective, most environmentally friendly surface cleaner. Up for your toughest jobs, without added chemicals or extracts.

Surprisingly effective and affordable, our cleaners are made exclusively from high pH ionized water. They come in concentrations as strong as bleach, with our commitment for being family, pet and planet safe.

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We Deliver

We offer porch delivery to our home town of North Vancouver. Set up an account and get supplies.

Eco Friendly

Our products are chemical and scent free, and dilute in water. Hard on grease, safe for families, and easy on the world.

Zero Waste

We’re targeting zero waste. From reusing bottles, to renewable energy sources, to neutral products.

For general cleaning and laundry stains, I use the ratio of 14/1 and it works superbly on glass, floors, all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. For tougher grease and harder jobs, I use the 4/1 method. I love that it is environmentally friendly and has no scent. It is very safe to use in a household with very small children. Thank you, Blue Dot!

Jacqueline Jamieson



Amazing on glass, stainless steel, and stovetops. Hard on grease and grime, easy on surfaces, families, and waterways.


Mix your own at home! Save money, bottles and deliveries. Use straight up to clean drains and ovens.

clean delivered

Our products our currently available for porch delivery in North Vancouver. We’re working on shipping options to serve the rest of the GVRD. We offer trials and subscriptions, keeping the domicile clean year round without visits to the drug store.



We’re committing a portion of our profits to organisations that help preserve clean drinking water and water stewardship. Namely WaterAid and WaterFirst.


Our products are a reflection of where we live – Vancouver, where the city, ocean, mountains and streams come together. We continually reassess everything from our products to our process to our supply chain to keep improving. By being a better company we can make a slightly better world.

When we had our son I realized the best thing I could give him (other than my time and a Hot Wheels Car Wash) is a better planet.

Turns out my much-smarter-brother figured out how – by engineering a process that turns water into a powerful cleaner.

Our products cut through grease, grime, hard-water stains, and rust. They’re great on pots and pans, BBQs and bathroom sinks. They have no added chemicals, no scents, and they dilute with tap water. We’ve even lab-tested on bacteria and they performed great.

We think we have the best cleaning product on earth. And the best one for earth. I hope you’ll try it.

Neil McBean